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My method for dressing is actually pretty simple.  I invest in quality basics (eg. great fitting jeans, beautifully soft cotton tees, LBD etc.) and then I add layer after layer of on trend, seasonal pieces.  Here are some of the key wardrobe items that help to make layering a cinch.

The Collared Shirt

We all have one – try wearing it underneath a dress, shirt or a short sleeved cardigan to ensure both layers are visible.

IMG_8840[1] IMG_5807[1]


Striped shirt from SheIn; $25.30





Black is obviously more versatile, but leggings/jeggings in different colours can really change up your look. Wear them underneath a dress or an on trend tunic. Another tip: leggings are NOT pants, whereas jeggings ARE (they often have pockets at both the front and the back) so ensure that whatever you wear on top of your leggings covers your bottom. Please. And, moving right along…


IMG_8625[1] IMG_8199[1]

Black Leggings (Slim Line Pants from Intimo); $109.50 (send me an email to order:




A Vest

This season offers vests varying from mid-length (ending at your hip) to long line (ending at your ankle).  Invest in a neutral toned vest, such as brown, tan, beige, black or white so that it can be easily paired with your existing wardrobe, or go for some faux fur to add some texture to your outfit.


IMG_8911[1] IMG_8388[1]

Bohemian Traders Vegan Suede Waterfall Vest in Camel; $209.00





These are the finishing touches to your outfit and create another layer of interest, so don’t forget about them!


IMG_8043[1] IMG_7518[1]

Atelier Confidentiel Wrap Around Leather Bracelets in Gold, Beehive Textured Caramel and Black; $50 each.




What are your favourite layering pieces in your wardrobe?


Lily x