SheIn -Your Online Fashion Black&White Dress

• Edit: the dress below has been HUGELY popular and is now sold out in size Small. It is, however, still available in sizes M (10-12), L (14-16) and XL. You can order this dress from me (with a 5% discount!) but only if you’re quick! •

And now, back to regular programming…

I’m having a mid-term slump. You know how I can tell? Not only am I tired and a bit (OK, a lot) grumpy, but I’m getting lazy with my dressing. At the moment I don’t have the patience for fluffing around with separate pieces, layering, accessorising etc etc.

Don’t worry, it’s a passing phase that I come in and out of fairly regularly with the busyness of life. The answer? Simple dressing. Because I still want (and need) to look polished for work, and let’s face it – we all feel better when we look better.

The one piece I always fall back on when I don’t want to think about what to wear? The black dress of course!

But there’s an exciting new player in the black dress game – The Convertible Dress from Intimo!


The convertible nature of this dress means you can wear it in heaps of different ways:

  • Off the shoulders (as pictured above)
  • One shouldered (think toga style)
  • Strapless and tied at the waist (perfect for showing off or creating a waist)
  • Strapless with the sleeves tucked in (creating faux pockets; perfect for disguising ample thighs)
  • Halter style by tying the sleeves behind the neck (this shortens the length of the dress; perfect for showing off those pins)

But the best part I’ve yet to mention – this dress is made from Micro Modal fabric making it both soft and breathable – plus NO IRONING!!

You can make this dress yours for $199.50 (less 5%) by simply emailing me:

What’s your ‘go to’ wardrobe piece for simple dressing?

Lily x

PS: Brisbane ladies, don’t forget you can book me for Intimo parties or private fittings – just flick me an email for a chat.