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Have you ever noticed how so much of what we wear is directly linked to our weather conditions?

I’m from Brisbane, and the past few days here have been HOT. Humid and hot. The heat hits you like a wall when you leave your air conditioned oasis kind of hot.

So this week I’m looking for something that I can throw on when I get home from work that is light and flowy. Enter: the culotte jumpsuit. Like a maxi dress – with pants.

This style is flattering for so many reasons, but my favourite is that the wide legs give my ample thighs plenty of room. Plus, the bottom hem of these jumpsuits usually hits the mid-calf, drawing the eyes (and focus) down to the slimmest part of your legs.

Here are a few of my faves…
This wide legged jumpsuit is from a brand I just discovered called Yannika and you can buy it for $145.00 right here.


ASOS Diya Culotte Jumpsuit – $47.00 – make it yours here.


Little Party Dress Becky Navy Floral Jumpsuit – $59.95 – buy it here.

So tell me, would you try a culotte jumpsuit on for size?

Lily x