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In years gone by, I’ve sailed through school holidays with only the slightest awareness of what day it is. 

This year is different. Waaaay different. My son is about to start Prep, which means  I am so very, very aware of when school starts for him and therefore when school goes back for me.

Mr 4 (almost 5!) is extremely excited to start school and has loved buying his new school shoes (he’s been wearing them every day!) and lunchbox (he’s been using this every day too!). This week’s task is to buy his uniforms (while I try not to cry!).

Anyway, it dawned on me last week that I’d better start preparing to start school for the year too – starting with a new hat for playground duty.

Unlike other items in my wardrobe, hats are not something I like to spend a lot of money on, so I’ve gathered up some inexpensive options that are perfect for playground duty or something way more fun!

The best bit is, if you see something you like simply click on the image to make it yours!

Which style of hat is your favourite?

Lily xx