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The leather bag is an investment piece that is worth every cent. They’re made to last a lifetime.

Now you know I love a bargain as much as the next fashionista, but there is something truly magical about saving up and dropping a whole lot of cash on an item that is timeless and elegant.

But how do you know which ‘investment bag’ is really worth investing in?

First, it’s got to be a style you love, otherwise you’ll never use it. Second, it has to be of the highest quality. Third, it must be practical. For me, as a mum (read: lugging lots of stuff around for my children) and a teacher (bringing all my marking home) I can’t go past a Tote Bag for its sheer elegance and usability.

I have recently discovered a brand that makes the most exquisite leather goods – Luisa Garcia Studio.

Luisa is one seriously clever lady. Beginning her career as an industrial designer, she then completed a traineeship in shoemaking in Barcelona. After relocating to Sydney and working for another studio, she started her own brand of leather goods from her home. She designs and makes each piece entirely by herself (every bit of it!) selecting only the highest quality materials.

Luisa’s tote bags are a simple, classic design that fit everything in it that you’ll need for work or play or both (yep, at the same time). The base is reinforced, it has an interior pocket (for your phone or keys… your daughter’s dummy… or is that just me???) a magnet fastener and brass hardware. It is actually the perfect bag.

I love supporting sole traders, especially girl bosses. If you do too, you can check out her Instagram @luisa_garcia_studio and her website:

Lily xx