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I’ve written about style tips for teachers before. One style tip I always give to teachers is to not wear jeans to work – save them for the weekends.

But there’s one day every year when that style tip no longer applies – Jeans for Genes Day – when we all wear our jeans and donate money to the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Did you know that jeans first originated in America’s Western states in the late 19th century?

Nowadays we are spoiled for choice when it comes to jeans – skinny, boyfriend, flares, high waisted, ripped (my current favourite), as well as black, white and every other colour of the rainbow!

What’s great about Jeans for Genes Day (apart from the obvious – raising money for charity), fashionably speaking, is that for one day the students and teachers are on a level playing field, so to speak.

I have to say, the students I teach have some serious styling finesse. Or as they’d probably prefer me to say – their styling is ‘on fleek’!!

I’d love to share some of their jeans looks with you (but there’s a line, you know?), but instead I’m going to share a couple of their jeans styling tips instead:

“When trying jeans on, do a few squats in the change room to make sure you buy the right size. No one wants to look like a robot wearing a size too small.”

“If you’re wearing skinny jeans, wear a flowy or oversized top. If you go for boyfriend jeans, you can wear a more fitted top – for balance.”

Now here are some of my jeans tips for different body shapes:

• Pear (smaller waist with wider hips, thighs and bottom): high waisted jeans suit this shape best to highlight a slim waist. A darker wash will elongate the legs.

• Apple (carries weight around the middle, with slim legs and bottom): straight leg jeans with a mid rise will help to balance out this shape. Skinny jeans also work well.

• Carrot (broad shoulders with slim legs and hips): mid to high rise with a lighter wash works well to balance out this shape.

How do you wear your jeans? What styling tips would you add to this list?

Lily xx