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Do you love giving people gifts? What’s not to love – shopping, wrapping, the joy you bring to others – it’s fabulously fun.

So when I found out about The Sisterhood of the Travelling Gift – Christmas in July I knew I wanted to join in straight away.

If you haven’t heard of #tsottg, allow me to back track a little. The girls behind this idea are Barbe (@fashionista_in_suburbia), Andrea (@icadoo) and Zoe (@aquirkybird) who originally met through an event organised by Fox in Flats.

Basically you’re partnered up with a ‘secret sister’ to buy a gift for within a $30 budget. You’re given a questionnaire to answer so that your ‘sister’ has clues regarding your likes, dislikes etc.

I love how Zoe described this initiative as a ”virtual hug” and Andrea explained it as something ”to put some smiles on secret sisters faces”. To be honest, I had enough feel good vibes simply from the giving side of this activity.

But then – BONUS – my gift arrived from the lovely Shari (@goodfoodweek), who chose to identify herself instead of remaining a ‘secret sister’ (and I’m so glad she did so I could thank her!).

Following on from all this gift giving, Alida and I decided to make this week’s theme for #wearwithuswednesday Gifted Fashion. So of course I wore my beautiful scarf from Shari.

Did you join in #tsottg? Or #wearwithuswednesday this week? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below…

Lily xx